Yes, it's beautiful - but can you afford to insure it?

Unfortunately, the benefits of cheap car insurance site overfiftycarinsurance are not for you. As a young prospective driver you will probably have taken lessons as soon as you possibly can, perhaps even not long after your 17th birthday and since young people tend to pick things up rather quickly you are likely to have learnt most of the basic skills within a fairly short time so it is no doubt come as an enormous shock to you when, having sailed through your driving test at the first attempt, you have applied for car insurance and found that the premiums that you are being quoted for are absolutely stratospheric! No doubt you have shopped around and used a number of price comparison engines but the result is still the same; the insurance still costs a fortune.

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 You have fallen into the 'low age, low experience' bracket and you are paying the price for it! You may well feel that you are being ripped off but please believe that the insurance companies genuinely do want your business; after all, although you are saddled with youth and inexperience at the moment that will (sadly) not always be the case but insurance auditors are hard headed people and they have the statistics to prove that if they do not charge you a huge premium (even at a so-called low or "no" deposit) there is a fair chance that they will lose money by having you as a client, and they are not in business for that purpose. Insurance companies adjust premiums to suit the risk that they think a client represents and there are two main factors taken into consideration; the car itself is one, and the driver is the other.

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